KidSport Funding

KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5-18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance towards club fees. KidSport online applications are now available! Applicants registering between 1 July - 30 June 2024 can apply online for KidSport. This will need to be done prior to registering with the club. Once kidsport confirmation is received you will be given a voucher number. When registering through PlayHQ, enter the amount claimed and your voucher number which will then be deducted off the total membership due. Please forward voucher details received from Kidsport to the club on so that the funds can be reimbursed. Please note: Full Payment is required when registering with CNC via PlayHQ. You can claim up to a value of $300 for current voucher round 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. The fees go directly from the local government to the registered KidSport clubs participating in the project.

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