COVID Update

COVID Update

Please refer to the following link for the Department of Health WA regarding covid protocols. We have also included below some Isolation and Testing protocols.

Health WA

Update 8
An update follows regarding the easing of public health measures to Level 1 in all regions from
12.01am Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Outdoor Community Sport
Community sport is permitted with spectators. Spectators are no longer restricted to immediate
family, parents or guardians. Mask wearing will continue to be recommended where physical
distancing is not possible.
Indoor Community Sport
Indoor community sport (without fixed forward-facing seats) will remain subject to the 2sqm
When calculating space for the purposes of the 2 sqm rule, please note the following: In
determining the space in a single undivided indoor area, only publicly accessible space should be
Indoor Community Sport with fixed forward-facing seats
For indoor venues with fixed forward-facing seats (i.e., Gold Netball Centre), the total number of
patrons must not exceed 75% of the fixed seating capacity of the spectator seating.
Multiple Indoor Spaces
Where there are multiple spaces within an indoor place, and each is separated by a sufficient
dividing structure* (see full definition below), those spaces are separate spaces for the purposes
of this requirement.
Spectators at Indoor Community Sport
Spectators are no longer restricted to immediate family, parents or guardians. Spectator
numbers are subject to each venue’s requirements.
Mask Wearing
Mask wearing will continue to be required in all public indoor settings (other than in the home)
for people aged 8 years and above (and Year 3 and over in school).
Usual exemptions apply such as participating in vigorous or physical exercise. If required,
coaches may remove masks while giving verbal instructions, i.e., for pre-match address and
during breaks between quarters. Umpires may remove masks to officiate matches. Masks must
be worn at all other times.
Checking In – Contact Registers
Manual or Electronic Contact registers are required at the following relevant venues:
• Hospitality – includes anywhere that is subject to proof of vaccination requirements
• Restaurants, café, dine in fast food or anywhere selling food/beverages for consumption
at the place.
• Any venue being used for an event – see below for exclusions
A venue being used for the following is exempt/excluded from maintaining a contact register:
• Community Sport
• Community Sporting events
• At a school
One-off Events
For one-off events that require additional local government approval, such as Netball WA’s Fuel
to Go and Play Association Championships, an event plan or checklist must be completed
depending on the number of persons attending. These are not required for weekly netball
training or competitions that would be considered ‘business as usual’.
COVID Event Plans are required for one-off events with over 1000 patrons, and Checklists are
required for one-off events between 501 and 1000 patrons.
A COVID event plan that involves more than 5000 patrons must also be lodged with the
Department of Health for approval.
Event Plan -
Checklist -
Additional NWA resources including a ‘Positive Case Flow Chart’ and ‘COVID 19 Risk Assessment
Template’ will be available on the NWA website from Tuesday, 5 April.
It is vital that good hygiene remains a priority for all netball participants and that the following
guidelines are observed in addition to mask wearing requirements:
• Avoid close contact with people who are unwell
• Stay home and seek medical treatment when you are unwell
• Follow Government RAT/PCR testing protocols if you are displaying COVID symptoms
• Practice physical distancing of 1.5m
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
• Cover your mouth with the pit of your elbow to cough or sneeze
• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds - if soap and water
are not available, please use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser
• Bring your own water bottle and DO NOT SHARE with anyone
• No sharing of food.
Further Information
The netball community is also encouraged to remain informed via the
State Government’s COVID 19 Information and Advice website and the Netball WA website NWA
COVID-19 Protocols.
If you have any questions or require clarification, please email
Thank you for your patience and support.
* Sufficient dividing structure means a wall or other structure which:
(a) substantially comprises material that is impervious to air flow; and
(b) is anchored to the ground or floor in a way which ensures that it cannot be
lifted or pushed apart; and
(c) either:
(i) reaches from the ground or floor to the ceiling (or roof if there is no ceiling); or
(ii) starts from the ground or floor and is at least 2 metres high from the ground or
floor to its lowest vertical point measured from the ground or floor.
Note: In addition to meeting these requirements, a sufficient dividing structure must comply with any other legal
requirements applicable to the structure in any way, including any legal requirements relating to the structural
integrity of the structure (such as, but not limited to, requirements typically imposed or administered by local

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